This site is devoted to honest, open, and frank discussions among Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers. The site can be read by everyone in areas other than the Member’s Only Area. Participation in the Member's Area is limited to registered Chiefs.


There is no anonymity here. You are completely accountable for your comments and discussions. This is as it should be. We are Chiefs, and as such, are responsible to provide the unvarnished truth, no matter how unflattering. Do your duty. Bring up the issues that need to be addressed.

In the open areas of this site (open to everyone), This is a Chiefs Call, where we gather to work out important issues and list information for our members.

In the Member’s only (open only to registered Chiefs) it is the equivalent of a Chiefs Mess, where what is said in the mess stays in the mess.

For all that are not Chiefs please feel free to look at the "All Hands" and the "ASK THE CHIEF" page where you can post a question to the Chiefs as well as find information on different topics.

This site is for registered Members only. If you are a Chief please register your account so you can take part in the online Chiefs Mess.

**Note- After you register we will verify your credentials. This process could take a day or so. You will not have full access to your account until you are accepted. **